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A Bit About Me!

Hello, my name is Alexandra Pond and I am the owner of Notable Creations. I hope you enjoy reading about how my business came to be!

Creating has always been a passion of mine and a large part of my life. I started playing piano at the age of five and have continued it to this day and made it part of my career. As for the crafty side of things, I don't remember how old I was, but I do remember making handmade cards with my sisters at a young age. We had a variety of stamps and tools to spend hours crafting away. As we grew older, the crafts became more involved. My oldest sister and I decided we were going to make a scrapbook for my other sisters wedding. Little did we know at the time that there was special "acid free" paper that you use for photos. We used wrapping paper and anything else we could get our hands on. (Who knows what that scrapbook looks like today!)

After that album, I was really interested in creating more books. People saw my work and was amazed at the detail and creativeness that I put into my creations. I tried my hand at making scrapbooks for people, but it is hard to put a price on something that takes that much time to make.  A few years ago, a friend showed me how she made her cards using the correct dimensions, what stamps are the best and a few tricks to make them stand out from the rest. As word got out that I was crafty, more and more people would ask me to make something for them. I love trying new things so I always accepted and figured out a way to make it work! Recently my mom got me into sewing, bought me a sewing machine for Christmas one year and taught me everything I needed to know. The rest is history!

My dream job since I was in elementary school was to be an elementary school music teacher. After losing that dream job due to budget cuts, I decided I needed to have a new dream, something that I could control myself. And that is how Notable Creations came to be.  As for the name, I wanted something that would tie both my loves together - music and crafting - and was easy to remember. I hope that my creations are true to the definition of notable: worthy of attention or notice, remarkable.

What NOTABLE CREATION can I create for you today?


Pictured here with my husband, Andrew and our beautiful yellow lab, Nessa and our miracle son, Damon.

Fun Notable Facts

  • Lives in Rochester, NY and has for all her life

  • Has played the piano since the age of 5, and still loves it

  • Married since 2010 to an amazing guy who loves to cook

  • Loves musicals, her favorite is Wicked - Nessa could have told you that!

  • Loves doing puzzles, cross stitching and golfing in her free time

  • Is the organist, vocal and bell choir director at her church

  • Has a piano studio with 20 students

  • Is a Toronto Raptors fan thanks to her husband

  • Enjoys taking trips to local casinos - or Las Vegas - with her mom

  • Took ballroom dance lessons, loves watching Dancing with the Stars and even met the cast!

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