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What kind of cook are you?

There are many types of cooks out there. You have those who LOVE to cook but don't have the time. Those who have NO CLUE what they are doing but really want to learn. Those who know what they are doing but HATE cooking! And those who are JUST okay, but cook every day. So which one are you?

I know which one I am. I LOVE to cook but I really don't have as much time as I used to. I grew up watching my mom cook different dinners pretty much every night of the week. We always had some kind of potatoes and she ALWAYS made her salad with her own dressing. (She still does to this day!) I didn't really know any different and thought that everyone knows how to cook. Boy was I wrong! I am shocked to hear that people have a difficult time making dinner. I'm not good at just making stuff up as I go along - my husband is a pro at that - I HAVE to follow a recipe. I get scared when I do something a tad bit different than what the recipe says. But I know how to cook.

Today I was able to make cookies. Banana....Oatmeal...Chocolate Chip....Walnut....Cookies! I was so proud of myself. I had two over ripe bananas that I couldn't throw away and I had been meaning to make something with them all weekend. Well today I made time to make something. Damon was sleeping for his early morning nap and I raced to mix everything together and throw them in the oven. I'm so glad I did. They are delicious and very easy to make. (Here is the recipe if anyone is interested! I did not know the name of the blog was I heart nap time! Very appropriate!)

I would definitely say I am more of a baker than a chef. I do have my go to's for dinner...chicken french and gluten free fish fry. (Feel free to ask for the recipes, I'm happy to share.) But I have a HUGE sweet tooth. It's horrible, I know, but I love pretty much anything dessert, except for coconut! I guess I get that from my dad. For Christmas every year we would try and find him a death by chocolate cookbook. He loves making desserts as much as I do - and boy are they good!

Being the crafty person that I am, one year for Christmas I made my sisters a cookbook of all our family recipes...the only thing, I never made one for myself. Stupid me, I know. Well I ended up making one for my mom and just a few years ago she gave it back to me so I could have everything in one spot. There are so many good recipes in there that I make all the time. I love my moms spare rib recipe and you always need to know how to make banana bread with mini chocolate chips. (Am I making anyone hungry yet?) Recipes are something that are carried on for many years. What family recipes are your favorite? Do you have ones that you won't share with anyone?

Cooking is a part of every day life. Even if you are horrible at it, you still have to do it at some point. (Please don't tell me you go out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!) I am always happy to share my recipes and help people learn how to cook if they need it. My husband is hands down the better cook in the family - his souffle is to die for and he just started making chicken wings in the air fryer. YUM! (That's a whole other post!) I am always in awe of him when he can just throw something together. We will definitely be teaching Damon how to cook from an early age. I can't wait to make Christmas cookies with him or teach him how to make mac and cheese for lunch! (He tried carrots today for the first time and HATED them! Wouldn't even swallow....) I think it is a very valuable tool to know and you can really impress people if you know how to cook.

So to get back to my original question...what kind of cook are you?

BTW...if anyone needs a cute apron for when they are baking....feel free to check out my creations! They can be customized with any fabric and color scheme! ( They also make great gifts!

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